Monday, February 7, 2011

What's in a name?

So a lot of you are probably wondering how I chose the name of this blog.

The story of my inspiration starts where all my moments of clarity occur, driving in a car by myself.  I know it seems weird but something about the routine of driving has always helped me think.  It’s like what I’m doing is so simple and mechanical that maybe my thoughts feel like they can follow suit.  For the average American this would be a blessing.  Think of how efficient and thoughtful life could potentially be…until we factor in the small detail that I live in the fact that my mind resembles the secret garden before Mary and Dicken gave it a much needed pruning makes so much more sense…

I turned on the radio and the words were right there.  So clear, so perfect and of course in the true sentiment of all breakups, coming from one of the people I was least interested in hearing them from: the uber annoying Avril Lavigne. 

For those of you unfamiliar with this particular song here it is:

I really did break out in song with her (thankfully no one could hear this over the lovely drone of Major Deegan Expressway).  And I thought “you know what? All my life I have been good.  I’ve tried to be the perfect girlfriend and where the hell has that gotten me?  Screw this, what about me? What about what I want?”  And in that moment a blog title was born. 

And the nicknames?

I have always loved reading since I was a kid.  Yes, I was totally that dork who would sit in a tree and read books during recess and no, I don’t regret it, those books were mainly awesome. 

I still go back and reread many of the books I loved as a kid and honestly find that I’m still struggling to learn a lot of the lessons those books were trying to tell me as a half pint as the pseudo-adult I am today.  It seemed appropriate that in this time of self-reflection I return to the classics once more. 

Maybe if the names of my current life characters come from these sweet, straightforward books, the plot of my own life will start to seem a little less twisty as well.  One can always dream…

Being born in the year of the rabbit how could I not be Cottontail?  I know she was never the star of any of the books, but isn’t that kind of the point of all this?  That I’m just one more little girl bunny in a crazy world full of overwhelmed bunnies just trying to find their way.


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