Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The little things in life, 2/23/11

1) Finally cashing in on a Tasting Table Special. 

For those of you who don't know about Tasting Table, it's a daily foodie email newsletter (they do them for several US cities) and here in New York they also have special dinners and deals for members.  I've been meaning to do one since I signed up for TT over a year ago and now I have.

I went to an awesome "Huntsman's Feast" at James restaurant in Brooklyn with my dear sister.

Check out the menu:
FIRST rabbit pistachio terrine with pear mostarda and grilled country bread
SECOND grilled quail with truffled polenta and medjool date vinaigrette
THIRD venison osso buco with parsnip puree roasted brussels sprouts and pomegranate laurel jus
DESSERT mom’s plum pudding with armagnac butter creme

It was yum, obviously.  And it was my first time eating venison and I really liked it. Win win.

2) Getting up the nerve to buy something from Gilt Groupe.

I have been a member of Gilt Groupe (an online flash designer sale site) for even longer than I've been a member of TT but I've always been too scared to order anything because I hate paying $10 shipping and you can only return for store credit.  Well this weekend I fell in love and decided to take the plunge and I'm so glad I did because I love my new dress!

Here it is on the model:

3) Initiating stage 1 of my home beautification project.

So I've been talking a big talk about making my apartment more homey and learning to love it and settling in and last night I actually walked the walk.  Actually there wasn't a lot of walking involved, a lot more construction paper, scissors and glue, but you get the idea.

I tacked up these lovelies along the bottom of my closet door.  Sometimes when you're stuck in what seems like a perpetually frigid, concrete jungle you have to be your own spring : )

So I guess the moral of the story for this week is that sometimes you just need to go for it.  I'm a perpetual planner and keep 100s of lists of things to do or see, but somehow in the shuffle of everyday life most of these fall by the wayside or get relegated to that "later" category and they never end up happening.  

Was I busy and did I almost bail on the dinner because I was scared I wouldn't have time to study for my Friday test?  Absolutely.  Am I glad I went through with it? Absolutely.  Was I afraid the dress wouldn't fit/wouldn't look the same in person and I would be stuck with over $100 in store credit and still be paralyzed with indecision?  Definitely.  Is the dress absolutely perfect and does it make me feel happy and beautiful now that it's in my possession? Definitely.  Would I have gotten more sleep if I hadn't gone all craft-crazy last night? Of course.  Do I care now that it's today? Not at all!

If you've been wanting to do something for a long time than chances are it's sometime worth doing and taking out a little time or taking on a little risk for.  If you don't believe me then pick up a social psych textbook.  You really do regret the things you didn't do more than the things you did.  It's science, don't argue.


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