Monday, February 28, 2011

I hate Mondays

I hate Mondays. 
Specifically I hate Mondays where you wake up and the sky is still dark because there are so many rainclouds.  Memo weather gods: It’s almost spring, please work on that. 
I hate Mondays where it feels like the weekend never happened and you have tons of work hanging over your head like a guillotine about to drop.
I hate Mondays where no matter how cute your outfit is and cooperative your hair is you still don’t feel pretty on the inside.
I hate Mondays where the button pops off your coat and you have to chase it along the sidewalk like an idiot.  I know I should be thankful that it just barely got caught in the grate instead of falling into the abyss known as the NYC sewer system, but I’m having a tough time appreciating the half full part of life today.
I hate Mondays when none of my favorite TV shows have aired yet, so I have nothing to watch to cheer me up, or at least to escape from my own life for approximately 43 minutes plus the time taken up by those annoying hulu commercials.
And worst of all I hate not knowing how to shake off being unhappy. 
I’m sincerely hoping this is just a Monday thing.  Orphan Annie you best not be lying to me, I could use some rays and I promise I wont even worry about the skin cancer risks.  I wear sunscreen even on cloudy days anyhow.

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