Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The little things in life, take 1

I over think everything.  In some respects this is a good thing.  It helps me learn and grow as a person and be creative and efficient, but on the other hand, it causes me an insane amount of stress.  My worst fear about this blog is that it will spiral into a pit of me being overly critical, overly reflective and ultimately losing sight of the fact that life really does have good parts to it. 
So to prove to myself that life really is great even when it doesn’t feel that way I’m starting a weekly segment.  Every Wednesday I will force myself to come up with 3 good things that happened that week just to keep it all in perspective. 
Oh and ps, a key rule: none of those 3 things can be boy related. 
I know this isn’t an issue now, but realistically I am a person who derives a lot of happiness from guys when things are going right and a lot of misery from them when things are going wrong.  I might feel hopeless and alone right now, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before some wannabe prince charming walks in and starts trying to stir things up.  This segment in particular needs to be a reminder that the rest of life does go on with or without a guy, including the good parts.
This time I’m going to fudge on the week and reach back a bit further.  I mean give me a break, it’s been a rough week and I’m new to this genuinely trying to look on the bright side thing. So here they are:
1)   Finding the perfect glass jar with a snap lid for my granola for only $2 at the thrift store

2)   Seeing the sun yesterday and today, finally!   Yes, I was totally freezing my ass off, but sun is sun.
3)   Starting this blog : )

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