Thursday, March 3, 2011

The little things in life, 3/3/11

So I know I'm a day late. 

I'm totally ok with that by the way.  I'm trying this whole staying on top of the major things in life without being a total nazi and feeling guilty over all the little things that I can always get back to later.  It's actually working out pretty well...

You know those nature videos where they film a plant for a month and then they speed up the film so you can actually see the plant growing and flowering even though in real life the whole process was excruciatingly slow?  I'm hoping my life will be like that.  On a day to day basis it seems like I'm going nowhere.  But maybe when I look back in a year or multiple years from now I'll say, "wow, a lot really did change and I really did grow and it was pretty cool." 

We'll see.

Someone making a real movie out of my life and cutting out all the lame parts like me having to write inane pointless term papers and picking up hair tumble weeds off my bedroom carpet would also be pretty good.  Hint, hint, future blockbuster makers of America.  Maybe Anne Hathaway would be a good choice? 

But anyhow, this week:

1) I racked up enough rewards points on my credit card to get a free $100 gift card to bloomingdale's.

  See, sometimes you don't even have to buy happiness, corporate America will give it to you for free or in exchange for your undying loyalty.

2)  Finding a super cute Hawaiian themed bar, Lani Kai, which not only serves awesome drinks but also has my favorite fake-chinese food appetizer: crab rangoon. 

If you go by the way they call them "crab wontons" instead.  Apparently they're crab rangoon's slightly classier fraternal twin, made with mascarpone instead of cream cheese and real crab instead of imitation crab stick.  They tasted just as good.  I'm totally going back for happy hour when they're half priced.

3) Going to a super fun dinner at my professor's house with some classmates.

She and her husband were great, the antipasti, brownies and wine were phenomenal and it renewed my fairth that you really can grow up to have a successful career and a family and look good, be happy and be yourself while doing it.  I guess the feminist movement really did change things.  Thanks ladies, I owe you one.

- Cottontail

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